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Acrylic Easels

Product Description

Display new titles.
Feature new arrivals or award-winning titles with these attractive Acrylic Easels.
  • Constructed from durable, crystal-clear moulded 2mm acrylic
  • Retaining lips keep displayed items upright

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Product Name Code Qty
D/Sided Acrylic Stand 3mm H167xW106xD225mm. Lip 40mm 4053770
Large Acrylic Easel 2mm 4060854
Multi-Copy Acrylic Stand 3mm H160xW134xD300mm. Lip 148mm 4049260
S/Sided Acrylic Stand 2mm H155xW108xD140mm. Lip 50mm 4053759
S/Sided Acrylic Stand 3mm H168xW140xD190mm. Lip 64mm 4049304
Small Acrylic Easel 2mm 4060843

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