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Binder Tape

Product Description

Permanent repair for hardback hinges.
Made from heavy-duty white book cloth for extra strong, long-lasting repairs.
  • Pre-gummed for easy application
  • Single-stitched for repairing one hinge; double-stitched for repairing both hinges
  • Available in a variety of widths

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Price per 23m roll.
For product instruction sheet, please call Customer Services and request sheet number A11.

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Product Name Code Qty
Double Stitch Binder Tape 23m x 25mm Roll - 803400 4056443
Plastic Bone Folder 203mm long 4054672
Single Stitched Binder Tape 25mm x 23m Roll - 803300 4056432
Single Stitched Binder Tape 38mm x 23m Roll - 090500 4009968
Single Stitched Binder Tape 50mm x 23m Roll - 090600 4010056

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