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Deluxe HangUp® Bags

Product Description

Stronger, tougher HangUp® bags.
Deluxe HangUp® Bags have stronger handles that won't crack or break. The sturdy handle is 60% thicker and designed to allow a comfortable grasp for all ages. Moulded thumb grips help to easily pop the handle back open. The 'poppets' in the handle prevent materials from falling out during circulation. This more durable polybag provides greater protection for your materials, is available in seven popular sizes and supplied in packs of 5.

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Price per pack of 5.
Handle adds 100mm to height.

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Product Name Code Unit 1+ Qty
Deluxe Hang-Up Bags 101 - H191 x W254mm Pk/10 4235838 Pack
Deluxe Hang-Up Bags 103 - H229 x W305mm Pk/10 4235849 Pack
Deluxe Hang-Up Bags 104 - H318 x W254mm Pk/10 4235860 Pack
Deluxe Hang-Up Bags 105 - H318 x W356mm Pk/10 4235871 Pack
Deluxe Hang-Up Bags 107 - H533 x W356mm Pk/10 4235882 Pack
Deluxe Hang-Up Bags 109 - H635 x W406mm Pk/10 4235893 Pack
Deluxe Hang-Up Bags 111 - H635 x W508mm Pk/10 4235904 Pack

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