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Demco® Boreal Shelving

Product Description

Timeless timber elegance.
Boreal offers clean lines with a contemporary blend of real wood beech veneer and steel; providing an unbeatable combination of strength and aesthetics in a library shelving system.
  • High quality beech veneered end panels in substantial 26mm MDF material and 3mm solid lipping
  • Single and double-sided bays in 950mm width and a choice of heights
  • Steel frame designed to provide superior strength and stability
  • Manufactured in the UK <bold>Shelves and Canopy</bold>
  • Textured shelf finish provides a slip-resistant surface, perfect for book presentation in a library
  • Finished in white as standard, the shelves and top canopy shelf feature a Dupont Activecoat® antibacterial coating
  • Shelves can be easily adjusted in 32mm height increments to adapt to your stock requirements
  • Options within the system include display shelves, conversion brackets to change a flat shelf to display, book supports, zig-zag displayers and canopy signage guiding
  • Active Coat® - Dupont Active Coat® antibacterial powder coating has been internationally recognised and tested, providing a 99.9% reduction in E-coli, MRSA and other superbugs. Long-term protection – antimicrobial agents are an integral part of the powder coating and are active for the life of the product

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Dimensions: Overall W950mm. Shelves W895 x D250mm.
Price each.
4 Weeks
Special Order Item
Self Assembly
System designed as 'starter' bays, with add-on extension bays that can be employed when creating a run of two or more bays in a line. All dimensions are nominal. *Top Canopy Shelf is also included, canopy guiding is available separately. Boreal is not co

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Product Name Code Unit 1+ Qty
Book Support-Suspended-Cantilibra/Boreal H240xW100xD190mm - CBSUPCAN 4107450 Each
Canopy Guide Holder 900x46mm 4069379 Each
Conversion Bracket Set - BRCONV 4104942 Each
Demco® Boreal Shelving 4105041
Display Shelf and Brackets - BRDISPLA 4104997 Each
Double-sided Add-on Kit H1210mm - BRDA1210 4104953 Each
Double-sided Add-on Kit H1520mm - BRDA1520 4104964 Each
Double-sided Add-on Kit H1840mm - BRDA1840 4104975 Each
Double-sided Add-on Kit H2140mm - BRDA2140 4104986 Each
Double-sided Starter Kit H1210mm - BRDS1210 4105008 Each
Double-sided Starter Kit H1520mm - BRDS1520 4105019 Each
Double-sided Starter Kit H1840mm - BRDS1840 4105030 Each
Large Zig-zag Shelf Display H203xW762xDmm64 4016381 Each
Single-sided Add-on Kit H1210mm - BRSA1210 4105404 Each
Single-sided Add-on Kit H1520mm - BRSA1520 4105415 Each
Single-sided Add-on Kit H1840mm - BRSA1840 4105426 Each
Single-sided Add-on Kit H2140mm - BRSA2140 4105437 Each
Single-sided Starter Kit H1210mm - BRSS1210 4105448 Each
Single-sided Starter Kit H1520mm - BRSS1520 4105459 Each
Single-sided Starter Kit H1840mm - BRSS1840 4105470 Each
Single-sided Starter Kit H2140mm - BRSS2140 4105481 Each
Small Zig-zag Shelf Display H152xW603xD44mm 4016392 Each

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