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Exam Desks

Product Description

Exam tables to make the grade.
We're sure every school or campus will love this compact and mobile Exam Trolley with Exam Desks. Purchase the desks and trolley separately or as a package ready for exam time.
  • Folding Exam Desks feature black legs and pen groove
  • Trolley holds 25 Exam Desks (desks not included)
  • Exam Pack available featuring trolley complete with 25 Exam Desks
  • Trolley frames available in blue, black, grey or red
  • Delivered fully assembled

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Price each, Exam Pack price per set.
2 Weeks
Special Order Item
Exam Desks - minimum order 25 desks.

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Product Name Code Unit Price Qty
Exam Desk (Folding) 4031011 Each
Exam Pack (25 Desks + Trolley) 4031033 Each
Exam Trolley 4031022 Each

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