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Demco® VistaFoil™ HD

Product Description

Spend more on buying new books instead of replacing old ones.
VistaFoil™ HD offers the same great benefits of the VistaFoil™ GB but with the advantage of being heavy-duty, giving books an even longer shelf-life.
  • Made from 100 micron polypropylene

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Product Name Code Unit Price Qty
Heavy Duty Vistafoil W250mm x 25m Roll 4008186 Each
Heavy Duty Vistafoil W300mm x 25m Roll 4008197 Each
Heavy Duty Vistafoil W350mm x 25m Roll 4057147 Each
Heavy-duty Vistafoil W240mm x 10m Roll 4008098 Each
Heavy-duty Vistafoil W240mm x 50m Roll 4050349 Each
Heavy-duty Vistafoil W350mm x 10m Roll 4057136 Each
Heavy-duty Vistafoil W400mm x 25m Roll 4008208 Each
Heavy-duty Vistafoil W600mm x 25m Roll 4008219 Each
Smoothy Tool 4002664 Each

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